■Consider Athlete’s health status

Injury and death accidents may occur during the Gongju Baekje Marathon. Athlete’s must check their health status before registration.

The host will prepare ambulances on main points for precautionary purposes. However, for injuries and accidents that occur during the race, the insurance company will compensate within the accident insurance amount insured. The host will not be responsible for this incident. Athletes must check their health status from a medical institution and decide for yourself whether you can participate in the race.

■Insurance Coverage

The 2022 Dong-A Gongju Baekje marathon athletes will be insured with below conditions.

The death accident will cover up to 150m KRW (DB insurance, Hyundai insurance etc. 3 insurance companies cover 50m KRW each.



Insurable amount (KRW)

Marathon injury death accident

Injury death accident during the race

Up to 150m KRW

Marathon side effect

Marathon side effect due to injury during the race

Up to 150m KRW

Marathon disease death 

Disease death during the race

Up to 150m KRW

※ Athletes age below 15 and 80 years old or more (Race day standard) are excluded from the death insurance.

The 2022 Dong-A Gongju Baekje marathon insurance coverage

(1) When it comes to ‘During the race’, it means participate the race, finish and until the last dismiss

(2)Accidental injury’ means sudden accidental physical impact from the outside and the body gets injured.

(3) A disease caused from inside the body, during the marathon race, especially, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, respiratory difficulty, vomit, and muscle pain may be considered as disease accidents. A sprain, fracture and stab are excluded. Most of the accident cases are considered as disease

(4) When it comes to side effect injury after the race, it means injury occurred during the race due to a sudden accident and this remains as permanent damage after recovery. The compensation would be paid depending on the injury rate. This is only applied to side effects related to an injury and any injuries or diseases occurred previously would not be considered.

(5) After the race, deaths due to excessive drinking may be investigated. Anything that is irrelevant to the marathon would not be compensated. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to drink nor exercise after the race including anything that slows down recovery.

▲Due to the updates in the current regulations of the Financial Supervisory Service, the marathon treatment fee would not be applied. - Insurance supervision regulation 7-50 paragraph 2 Line 2

▲As stated in the above, the host would not pay injury and disease treatment expenses. Therefore, please be noted that athletes must register insurance individually.

If you do not register insurance individually within the provided period, the above insurance contents are not covered under any circumstances.

Personal information for insurance would be collected from ‘Corporate Insurance CS’

If you have any questions, please contact Tel: 02-2266-4110

■Gathering time and Location

Gathering time: 18th Sep., 2022. Sun. 08:00am

Location: Gongju Civic Stadium

Start time: 18th Sep., 2022. Sun. 09:00am

※ Please make sure to warm up before the race.

■Qualification for participation

Full/Half Course: Anyone who is 18 years old or more, physically healthy and agree with terms.

10km/5km: Physically healthy and agree with terms.

※ Athletes who are excluded from insurance coverage: under 15 and 80 years old or more (Race Day standard) must agree with the terms and submit via fax or mail.

*Active registered athletes such as track & field, Triathlon and modern pentathlon which measures rank records and running time are eligible to participate but will be excluded from the awards. plus, athletes with a history of participating national sports festival representatives are also excluded from the awards.

Executive office: (03737) 16th flr 29, Chungjeong-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Tel: 02-361-1425~7

Fax: 02-361-1361

e-mail: marathon@donga.com

■Cancel & Refund

Cancellation is eligible within 7days after receiving the race package. After 7days, cancellation and refund would not be accepted. (If the package is opened and used, refund would not apply)

If the race package is sent already, parcel delivery fee must be paid by the athletes including the return fee.

* If the race package is paid by a credit card, identification may be required before cancelling. Depending on the credit card company, it may take 3~7days for cancellation and refund

* How to cancel and request a refund?

Refund will proceed after personal identification process

■ Where to Gather & Start

All athletes are advised to arrive at Gongju civic stadium by 08:00 am.

Please use the changing room to change clothes and put your belongings in the locker room. Please make sure to warm up before the race. From 09;00am, full course -> half course -> 10km will be the starting order. The record will start the moment an athlete steps on the starting point mat using the net- time method. For safety reasons, please make sure to take time when starting

■Time Limit

To minimize the GONGJU citizen’s complaints, the following time limits will be strictly managed:

Full course 5hrs, half-course 2hrs 30min and 10km 1hr 30min. After this time, the traffic control will not be supported. Therefore, please make sure to finish the race within time and follow staff’s instructions

■Changing room & Locker room

For athlete’s convenience, we will be providing the changing room & Locker room. It is divided by the division and all athletes must use the correct division area. Please make sure to take time when using the room. Please submit the sticker that you received when storing to find your belongings after completing the race.

(We do not accept valuables and we are not responsible for any lost items)

There were cases when cash/valuables were stolen and lost. Therefore, we advise you to bring running necessary items only

■Snacks & Beverages

Every 5km point and at the finish line there will be water and sports drinks provided. Water sponge will be available every 5km after 7.5km. The snacks will be provided at 10/20/30 km points.

■Disposable record chip guidance

The record will start the moment an athlete steps on the starting point mat using the net- time method.

Please make sure to check the number tag & chip is inside the package, and please contact us if you have any issues (02-361-1425~7). The disposable chip is located at the back of the number tag and please read the followings:

  1. Please do not bend nor take out the chip
  2. It is important to wear a number tag that has the chip correctly to record an athlete’s time (Please make sure to put the number tag at the front to be visible)

3. Disposable chips do not have to be returned after use


We do not accept transfer nor substitute participation after the final payment.

Changing the participants and substitute participation will be disqualified and the final record will not be provided.

Any method of cheating records will not be approved including the participants. Please be informed that not wearing a number tag or any sign of manipulation may be restrained from the staff and records will not be provided.

■Package Information

The number tag and other package goods will be delivered to the registered address with prepaid.

The finisher medal will be provided on site for the athletes who completed the race only.

The package will be pre-delivered (Date TBA)

■Personal information protection policy

The Gongju Baekje marathon collects the following information to distinguish individuals:

Mandatory fields: Name, resident registration number, division, address, contact details and email. The information is collected to use for insurance guide, race information update purposes and may be shared with the hosts and the sponsors. We do not share above information with other companies or organizations for commercial purposes. However, if any athletes violate our terms, legally damaging others or harm our traditional custom, may reveal to take legal actions.


Group registration is not available.


The Dong-A Marathon executive office has the full authority on: Disqualification, special guest invites, stopping the race, race cancellation (No refunds will be available for natural disaster cancellation), and course change. For other details, the 2022 KAAF rules will apply.